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Welcome to 3PlayGrounds. We strive to Find Friends for Your Adventures.

Trekking, Hiking, Skiing, Water Rafting, Zipping, Cycling, Running, Wall Climbing, Rock Climbing, Camping, Food Hunting, Paintball, Laser Tag, Road Trips, etc. You name it, We like to do it, explore it and enjoy it. We explore unknown, unusual and uncommon places with you. We organize adventures to beautiful and off-the-beaten track places, both in Singapore and overseas. Most importantly, the spirit of sharing the joy, fun, and happiness with everyone we meet.

What's Life Without A Little Adventure?

Let's get together, not just to make your life a living adventure, but together we work to make a difference by filling it with notable experiences.

Join us at www.threeplaygrounds.com for more adventures and meet more like-minded friends. See you at 3PlayGrounds.

P/S: Do share with us if you have any awesome ideas for an adventurous trip or fun outing, we would love to explore off-the-beaten-track event. Just leave us a message at chiefs@threeplaygrounds.com and next thing you know, we might be on the way there.

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